Cree-Naskapi Commission

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Commission Crie-Naskapie (Grand Council of the Crees) (Cree Trappers' Association) (Internet provider for James Bay and Northern Quebec) (The Nation, the news magazine of  the James Bay Cree) (AirCreebec) (Cree Nation of Wemindji) (Cree Nation of Mistissini) (Ouje-Bougoumou) (Bill Henderson's Aboriginal Links) (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) (Secretariat aux affaires autochtones...where to contact for a copy of the NEQA) (Canada's source for Native sites) (National Aboriginal Forestry Association) (Assembly of First Nations) Air Wemindji Chisasibi Mandow Travel Agency Department of Justice Canada Institute of Indigenous Government VIRTUAL CANADIAN LAW LIBRARY Canadian Laws and Regulations Native Law Cases Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act