Cree-Naskapi Commission

Process for Filing a Representation

Commission Crie-Naskapie


If you have a concern

  • about the implementation of the provisions of the Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act, James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, Northeastern Quebec Agreement; or
  • about the exercise or non-exercise of a power under the Act or Agreement(s); or
  • about the performance or non-performance of a duty under the Act or Agreement(s),

You should

  • read the relevant sections of the Act or the Agreement(s) carefully;
  • consider the facts as you understand them;
  • review the various ways you might have the concern addressed;
  • decide whether you wish the Commission to consider the matter.

Then, if you wish to proceed with a “representation” to the Commission, you should

  • write out your concern(s) including which section of the Act or Agreements you feel is relevant;
  • assemble whatever documentary evidence you have;
  • call the Cree-Naskapi Commission office (1-888-236-6603) and discuss the matter; and/or
  • send a letter to the Commission explaining that you wish to file a representation along with an outline of the issue or concern.

Upon receipt of your letter, the Director General of the Commission will brief the Commissioners at the next regular monthly meeting of the Commission. If the Commissioners consider that the matter may form the basis of a representation under the Act or Agreement(s), you will be invited to a prehearing to explore the matter in more detail. After the pre-hearing, the Commissioners will decide whether to proceed to an investigation under the Act. The Director General will then advise you of the decision as well as of the next steps in the process. If the decision is not to proceed, you will be advised of the reasons and you may be given some suggested alternatives.